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September 19, 2016

homestillforsaleWe all hope for a purchase offer within days of listing our home, but in reality, homes don’t always sell quickly. Several factors can affect a buyer’s perception of a home’s value, some of which are within the seller’s ability to change like proper staging, home maintenance, remodeling and, of course, price. Then there are the things like the home’s location, that a seller just has to accept.

The following are some tips on what you can do if the listing agreement with your real estate agent is expiring, and your home is still sitting on the market.

  • Listen to potential buyers: Analyze the feedback of potential buyers who have walked-through your home. If there is a common concern or complaint, consider whether there are ways to improve the issue.
  • Pricing: Re-think your pricing strategy and check out the most recent comparable sales. You might have your home priced too high for the current market.
  • Repairs: If you were hoping to pass along repairs to the future owner, reconsider fixing those repairs now. Potential buyers might be deterred by immediate home projects.
  • Evaluate your Realtor: Consider the performance of your Realtor. It might require hard conversations, but if your Realtor is lacking in proficiency, you might be better off finding a real estate agent who will change strategies and give an objective analysis.
  • Consider your options: When your listing agreement expires, you have the choices of re-listing with your current agent, listing with a new agent, selling your house yourself (FSBO), or taking your home off the market. If it still makes sense to sell your home, evaluate what changes need to be made to your selling strategy.

For more tips on how to sell your home quickly, check out the CNBC article, The ‘unique’ reason your home’s still on the market.

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